IMOVILLI POMPE spraying pumps

Since the year 1949 IMOVILLI POMPE specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of diaphragm and plunger pumps for plant and crop protection sprayers. With over fifty years of serving the industry as performance leaders, IMOVILLI POMPE has fostered an impressive background of technical and practical know-how to the exclusive benefit of its client’s world wide.The Company is located in Reggio Emilia, Italy, in the heart of a technically advanced and strongly specialized productive region. This provides access to parts and components of high technological content and certified quality.Detailed and accurate screening of the suppliers, constant control of materials and toolings, final industrial testing of all products, together with the availability of sophisticated testing facilities, guarantee the compliance to the quality standards IMOVILLI POMPE customers can depend on. 

Our company D. ZAINTOUDIS & SON G.P. can guarantee trouble free operation in the course of time for all IMOVILLI POMPE pumps and control units thanks to the wide range of spare parts and our specialized service, based on long expertise and constant industry information.

Piston pumps with ceramic plunger

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